A social e-commerce marketplace.

AuMake is creating a social e-commerce marketplace that connects Asian influencers, buyers and sellers with Australian brands. The AuMake social e-commerce platform will enable them to directly engage with each other, rather than through traditional online and physical retail models. The ability for influencers to utilise a social marketplace facilitates greater brand awareness as they communicate the authenticity, quality, and providence of Australian brands. AuMake’s marketplace will provide competitive and sustainable prices from producers as well as end-to-end logistics management, ensuring a seamless customer experience, and the ability for quality Australian brands to be transparently reviewed and promoted by social media networks. The company’s e-commerce marketplace will be further supported by 14 physical stores across Australia and New Zealand, enhancing the promotion of new products and increasing engagement with users and customers.

Aumake (ASX:AUK) operates an online platform that directly connects Asian influencers with high-quality and authentic Australian brands. It offers the best possible prices, end-to-end customer service and a comprehensive product range – all on one integrated platform. Aumake also operates 14 physical stores, located in key precincts on Australia’s east coast and in New Zealand, delivering a fully integrated online and in-store shopping experience for Asian consumers.

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