Marketing to China

Help from Our Team of Experts.

The team at aumake provides both technical and cultural knowledge of marketing in China so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

In order for your Australian and New Zealand products to find success in China, it is essential to understand the Chinese marketing landscape and the differences between Chinese and Western consumers.

Gaining an understanding of China’s social media and eCommerce marketing methods and forming the local connections required to market your product in China successfully can be very challenging. Especially in these unprecedented times when international travel is difficult.

However, with aumake, marketing your products to the Chinese market has never been easier. Let aumake do the heavy lifting for you.

Our established connections in China and in-depth knowledge of the marketing landscape allow our experienced team to handle all marketing requirements on your behalf. Having an expert to guide you is imperative to make the most of China’s search engines and social media platforms and will be a gamechanger in your long term success.

Australia/ New Zealand Based Services:

  • Content creation
    • Video
    • Photography
    • Narrative / Product Story
  • Brand Persona development
  • Content management – social media schedules and uploading

China Based Services:

  • Chinese specific approach (often differing vastly from traditional marketing methods in Aus/NZ.)
  • A salesforce of 30,000+ people thoroughly educated on your product and provided a “How to Market” guide.
  • Our analysis identifies members of our sales force that are best matched to receive samples of your product to increase sales rates.
  • Live streaming and promotion.
  • Analysis of your buyers, feedback on your results and targeted campaigns.
  • WeChat Marketing – WeChat integrates services, including chatting, shopping, gaming, banking and even taxi services. aumake utilises WeChat to both market and sell your products.

For further information regarding aumake’s marketing services, please do not hesitate to contact our team.