Selling in China

aumake – Selling in China.

Chinese consumer habits and motives differ significantly from that of Western societies. aumake has extensive experience working within this unique market and in-depth knowledge of the best sales methods to see your business thrive in China.

China is an incredibly culturally diverse country, covering an enormous geographic area with a vast population. As a result, there are many different consumer groups within one nation with extremely varying consumer motivations and behaviours.

The benefit of China’s vast population for Australian and New Zealand brands is that any segment of the consumer market is large enough to support several brands, that may be similar to your own, and have all find success in exporting to China.

However, despite the large population, a thorough understanding of the consumption habits of Chinese people is still imperative.

When starting to export to China, it is essential to choose:

  • The right market
  • The right segment within that consumer market
  • The right operational method – including marketing strategies, highlighting your point of difference, and creating an excellent user experience.

However, achieving these three points requires extensive market research and often costly trial-and-error experiences for brands. Therefore, we recommend entrusting an agency such as aumake, with established knowledge and experience in selling in China. With aumake, you can cut straight to finding success within the ideal market for your product.

Common Mistakes Australian and New Zealand brands have made when selling in China:

  • Believing a sales boom means that consumers are loyal to their brand, and this trend will continue without extra effort.
  • Believing that customers who have previously consumed their products will automatically consume the new products they release to the market without extra marketing, or KOL or Daigou engagement.
  • Abandoning Daigou and KOL marketing and selling methods and utilising traditionally western strategies after achieving a sales boom. In China, people choose to trust and invest in products recommended by their friends. The brand’s initial success is due to Daigou suggestions to consumers. However, when brands turn away from Daigou and face customers directly, they get lost in the market.
  • Believing Daigou will continue buying their products when other brands are offering the opportunity for higher margins. The brands face the pressure of a shrunken market share and no suitable existing consumer group for their new products.
Important Terminology:

Daigou: a person who buys consumer goods from foreign producers on behalf of other individuals/groups in China and disseminates them.

KOL: Key Opinion Leaders – Social media influencers with large followings that promote products and drive sales.

Please do not hesitate to contact aumake to learn more about how we will help your business succeed in selling to China and avoid the common mistakes Australian and New Zealand brands make.