Chinese Importing, Exporting and Warehousing.

Chinese importing, exporting and warehousing systems differ greatly from those found in Australia and New Zealand.  aumake helps your business navigate these systems to ensure you find success in the Chinese market.

aumake uses bonded warehouses in China to make the exportation process as easy as possible.

What is a Bonded Warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a secured warehouse in a special customs supervision area in China. Bonded warehouses store dutiable goods prior to payment of duties. Bonded warehouses make the exportation and sale of Australian and New Zealand goods to Chinese customers much more efficient.

Please visit the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade web page to learn more about bonded warehouses.

What is the Bonded Warehouse Model?

Within the Bonded Warehouse Model, products produced overseas are imported in bulk to approved cross-border eCommerce warehouse zones in China.

The products are put forward to receive customs clearance once the Chinese consumers place an order on a registered cross-border eCommerce platform, such as WeChat, the main platform utilised by aumake.

Therefore, Australian and New Zealand merchants can postpone paying the import duty and Value-Added Tax charges and only pay when an actual sale is made.

The Benefits of Utilising the Bonded Warehouse Model:
  • Faster product registration leading to a smoother overall exporting experience
  • Easier for your business to receive customs clearance.
  • Your products reach the consumer quickly, and your brand gains a positive reputation for quick delivery in the market. (Chinese customers often become impatient if the overseas delivery time is over 2-3 weeks.)
Why use aumake’s Bonded Warehouse?

Building an independent bonded warehouse for individual Australian and New Zealand brands would be very difficult for the following reasons:

  • Extremely high cost (of time and money) to ensure productive communication with Chinese authorities.
  • High set-up costs to customise the bonded warehouse and endless technical work to connect your products with sellers.
  • Overall millions in fixed costs to set up and maintain.

When it comes to setting up bonded warehouses, aumake has done all the leg work for you. You won’t have to worry about any of the above issues.

The only tasks your business will be required to complete are submitting the product quality certifications required by customs and shipping the goods to the specified location. However, aumake’s staff can provide resources to guide you through each step of these processes.

The goods stored in aumake’s bonded warehouses can be sold on aumake’s eCommerce platforms (and any other platforms outside of our services that you may desire).

For more information regarding our warehousing capabilities and to learn more about bonded warehouses in China, please do not hesitate to contact the aumake team.