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Should your Business consider Exporting to China?

Many Australian and New Zealand manufacturers hesitate to explore the opportunity to export to China because of obstacles such as the language barrier and logistics difficulties.

The Australian and New Zealand government websites advise businesses that to engage with the Chinese market, it is essential to build a local network, connect with Chinese customers on their preferred platforms in their language, and have a thorough understanding of Chinese culture and policy.

Developing the required relationships and in-depth knowledge to succeed in the Chinese market can seem incredibly daunting for many businesses.

With aumake, there’s no need to worry. Everything is already taken care of.

To make selling in China easier than ever before, aumake provides:

  • Bi-lingual (English and Mandarin) team members to handle all discussions with customers on your behalf.
  • A team of marketing, logistics and grant experts.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Chinese market – including legal policy, demographics, marketing strategies, market entry models and risk management.
  • Established social e-commerce marketplace (WeChat) and online store.
  • Wide network of local contacts and established marketing channels in China.
  • Infrastructure to accommodate all logistics, transport, shipping and warehouse requirements.
  • A China-based sales force of over 30,000 people.

If these factors were holding you back from exporting your products to China – there’s no more reason to delay. With the guidance of aumake, the possibilities for growth in the Chinese market are endless.

At present, there is high demand in the Chinese market for Australian and New Zealand products such as:

  • Health supplements
  • Makeup and skincare
  • Dairy products and infant formula
  • Wool products
  • Aus/NZ agriculture products
  • Food and beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals

If your business produces these goods, we strongly advise that you explore the potential of engaging aumake to expand your customer base into China.

Is your business ready to sell in China?

Despite the political tension recently suggested by the media, the trading relationship between China and Australia remains very healthy. In fact, over the last quarter, the total worth of shipments to China reached a new record of AUS$16.5 billion.

New Zealand and China also have a close trading relationship, with the value of all exports to China in 2020 reaching over NZD$18 billion.

Your business is eligible to trade with China as long as it complies with all countries involved legal guidelines and Free Trade Agreements. Not all industries are included in the free trade agreements. Therefore, it is essential to browse the information below to identify if your specific products fall under the FTA for your country.

China-Australia Free Trade Agreement

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) was signed in 2015 and is still in place today.
Only goods that originate in Australia or China are eligible for free trade (preferential tariff treatment) under ChAFTA.
To learn more about ChAFTA, please visit the following government websites:

NZ-China Free Trade Agreement

In 2008, New Zealand became the first developed country to secure a free trade agreement with China. The agreement still stands today. Tariffs are now eliminated for 97% of New Zealand products exported to China.

Similarly to ChAFTA, only goods that originate in New Zealand or China are eligible under the agreement.
To learn more about the NZ-China FTA, please visit the following websites:

Learn more with the aumake team!

Please do not hesitate to contact the aumake team with any questions you have regarding your business’s edibility to sell your products in China.