Live Streaming

Live Streaming

aumake makes marketing your products in the Chinese market easier than ever, with exciting services such as live streaming.

One of the most important aspects of aumake’s marketing services is live streaming. Although not necessarily very common within the Australian and New Zealand marketing landscapes, live streaming is essential to success in the Chinese market.

How does Live Streaming Work?

aumake has a company live streaming channel on which Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) present your brand and products. aumake purchases traffic (or ad space/airtime) on social eCommerce platforms such as WeChat. Compared to other social media platforms, WeChat is more targeted, and the users are much more loyal.

Important terminology – Understanding WeChat

Although WeChat is one of the largest apps in the world, Australian and New Zealand brands rarely utilise the app effectively for marketing and selling purposes. Therefore, aumake has compiled a list of important terms that may be useful when entering into discussions regarding WeChat:

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL): Social media influencers with large followings that promote products and drive sales.

WeChat Channel: A new short video platform within WeChat that lets users share videos and photos with multiple hashtags, a brief description and a location tag. The WeChat Channels of KOLs are used to promote and review products for the targeted demographic of followers.

WeChat Moments: The WeChat Moments feature allows users to share videos and photos with those on their contact list.

WeChat Mini Programs: WeChat Mini Programs can be used by KOLs and other official accounts as eCommerce platforms. Essentially, they act as avenues for selling your products online. Branded WeChat Mini Programs can be used for live streaming. Only enterprises/brands can use Mini Programs to live stream, creating their own branded online shopping channel.

WeChat Store: Your live stream/ WeChat content should drive customers to your WeChat store.

Why Live Stream?

Live streaming on social media platforms has proved to be one of the most effective ways to market to a Chinese audience and engage new customers for your Australian or New Zealand products.

The live streaming channel creates the perfect opportunity for impulse buying. The features of the product are highlighted and targeted towards the viewer’s needs. Essentially, the live streaming channels give brands and new individual items the chance to engage new customers that may have never heard of the brand before the live stream.

The potential for repurchase is then increased, with the brand gaining exposure. However, whether the customer continues to re-buy the product will depend on the quality of the products, the user experience and customer support, and how the customer fits into the demographic for this brand.

For more information regarding aumake’s live streaming services and how they can help you succeed in selling your products in China, please do not hesitate to contact our team.