Mr Li(Alex)Li

Chairman & Co-Founder
Queensland Tourism Group & Grand Aust. International P/L AU&NZ
Founder & President
VTOUR Travel Zhejiang Co. Ltd

As a significant figure in international tourism, Mr. Alex Li has facilitated extensive travel between Australia, New Zealand, and China. Founder of VTOUR Travel which is the biggest outbound travel wholesaler to Australia, Mr. Li’s influence on China’s tourism sector is substantial.

His “Sunny Australia Vision” platform annually sends 25,000 tourists to Australia, while Grand Aust. International welcomes nearly 60,000 visitors as an inbound tour operator each year.

His portfolio includes high-profile Australian acquisitions such as Azzura Greens Resort, Sky Broadbeach Seafood Restaurant, and the historic Rivermills farm. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, Mr. Li is a member of the Senior Industry Advisory Group of the Australian Government since 2011 and Queensland Government since 2017 in China and the first Aussie Specialist China Ambassador for Tourism Australia.

Possessing deep insights into the cultural dynamics between China, Australia, and New Zealand, Mr. Li continues to be a major influencer in global tourism.

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