Mr Jiahua (Joshua) Zhou

Mr Joshua Zhou is one of Australia’s leading business professionals specialising in cross-border trade between Australia and China with a focus on social eCommerce.

Mr Zhou is the co-founder and a Board Member of Aumake, Australia’s first social eCommerce platform designed to be a marketplace for social influencers selling Australian and New Zealand products directly to Chinese consumers. This platform, revolutionised Duty-free retail, together with daigou cross border trade and international logistics solutions and was quickly recognised as the leading platform in Australia.

Beginning his working life in the tourism sector, he has over a decade of working experience as a tourism Sales Manager and has facilitated numerous business and government delegations from China and South East Asia to Australia that have resulted in significant investments in Australia.

Mr Zhou has an in-depth understanding of social and eCommerce technologies and a unique appreciation of the differences between Australian, New Zealand and Chinese cultures.

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