Milk and Formula

Exporting Milk & Formula
 to China.

aumake will take your business to the next level by exposing your milk, dairy or baby formula products to the world’s largest market.

Australian and New Zealand dairy products are well known in China for their high-quality organic ingredients. In China, over 20 million babies are born each year, compared with 300,000 in Australia, so the potential market size is huge.  For middle income families, using Australian baby formula is the preferred option due to the high standards of production, packing and storage, making it a safe product and ultimately one to be trusted.

Dairy, Milk and Baby formula Products

aumake helps businesses that export dairy products to China, such as:

  • Baby formula
  • Powdered milk
  • Fresh dairy such as cheese, fresh milk

If your business produces health products not represented in this list, please do not hesitate to contact aumake to discuss if your products are eligible for export to China.