Wool and Textiles

Exporting Wool Clothing, Textiles and Bedding to China .

aumake will take your business to the next level by exposing your Wool Clothing, Textiles, Shoes and other products such as Manchester to the world’s largest market.

Australian and New Zealand wool is held in the highest regard worldwide.  Wool is a renewable fibre, and is increasingly becoming in high demand in fashion.

Wool Clothing, Textiles and Bedding

aumake helps businesses that export wool products to China, such as:

  • Australian made fashion
  • Footwear such as “ugg boots”
  • Homewares such as rugs, cushion covers, furnishings
  • Bedding such as doona/ quilts, underblankets, children’s bedding

If your business produces wool based products not represented in this list, please do not hesitate to contact aumake to discuss if your products are eligible for export to China.