Customer Service

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aumake’s Chinese customer service team provides high-quality customer service and support to protect your brand’s reputation when exporting to China and ensure your customers are consistently coming back for more. 

Customer Service Standards in China

The standard for customer service and support in China is extremely high. Chinese customers expect high speed and high-quality personalised service. Poor customer service can destroy your brand’s chances of finding success in China. High standards of customer service ensure:

  • Your brand will have a competitive advantage within your market, as great value is placed on customer experience.
  • Customers will remain loyal to your brand, as they are getting everything they need from your business in terms of products and support.
  • Customers will be encouraged to recommend your product to others and inspire brand loyalty in others.
The aumake Chinese Customer Service Team

aumake has an established Chinese customer service team that is highly knowledgeable in the evolving needs of Chinese consumers and provides a personalised customer support experience to bring out the best in your brand. Our team is educated in your brand story and values to ensure their interactions foster meaningful connections between customers and your brand.

Most Chinese customer concerns arise due to shopping process issues. These may include logistics problems, delivery issues, packing issues and payment queries. Essentially, most of these issues can occur in China.

Dealing with these issues properly requires a thorough understanding of Chinese customer service standards, and aumake has developed a detailed Customer Service Guidelines and Q&A List.

Developing your own Chinese Customer service team to the level where these guidelines can be met is not the most efficient use of your time as an Australian or New Zealand based business. Brands can generate more value for customers and a higher level of growth by focusing on product development and customer research.

The cost of setting up a Chinese customer service team for Australian and New Zealand businesses is very high, and cultural and language barriers can prove extremely challenging to overcome, especially at a time where organising international travel is difficult.

In comparison, the cost of utilising aumake’s customer service team is much lower, and we recommend our clients take advantage of our established customer service systems.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to learn more about aumake’s Chinese customer service team and how our established local systems can make exporting and selling to China easier than ever.