Freight & Logistics

We will help with Freight and Logistics to China.

aumake accommodates all freight and logistics requirements for Australian and New Zealand businesses wanting to expand to China, making it easier than ever to export your products to the biggest market in the world. 

Every business is unique, and therefore the details of their logistics and freight requirements will be too. aumake has worked with many Australian and New Zealand companies across a wide variety of industries. Our extensive logistics experience in Chinese exportation has provided us with the knowledge needed to quickly find solutions to any problems that may prevent your business from successfully exporting to China.

Australia and New Zealand Based Services

aumake provides freight and logistics support for Australian and New Zealand based businesses, ensuring your products are transported safely from the location of production/ manufacturing to the site of exportation. Please contact the aumake team for specific information regarding the logistics and freight services for your industry.

China Based Logistics Services

Australian and New Zealand businesses may struggle in exporting their products to China due to cultural and language barriers. Engaging an agency such as aumake to organise your China-based freight and logistics can be a gamechanger. Utilising aumake’s established local connections immediately simplifies the process for you.

aumake has established strategic cooperation with of the largest logistics companies in China. Their express delivery services are amongst the highest quality available in the market. This is incredibly important for customer experience, especially in China.

We find that Australian and New Zealand brands are often surprised by the relative affordability of ocean and air freight to China. For specific details regarding the freight costs for your business, please contact the aumake team.

Chinese Customs Support

Your exported goods may need to undergo a customs inspection upon arrival in China. In China, the customs process is usually described as: ‘quarantine inspection before customs declaration’. The tariff cost (level of tax you must pay to export to China) will be determined in Chinese customs once your goods arrive. Chinese customs authorities are stringent when it comes to documentation, and all must be in order before shipping your goods.

aumake ensure that your brand will achieve customs clearance smoothly. Our bi-lingual team can help in the preparation of all required documentation and communication with Chinese authorities if needed.

For more information on the freight and logistics services that aumake offers, please do not hesitate to contact our team. Also, for more details on aumake’s warehousing capabilities, please see the Warehousing webpage.