aumake’s Influencers are your Sales Force.

With over 30,000 influencers,  aumake ensures that your products find success in the Chinese market.

Social Media Marketing & Influencers in China

Methods of marketing and exposing your product to a large audience in China differ greatly from those you may be used to in Australia or New Zealand. aumake leverages the power of Chinese social media platforms and influencers to advertise your products. This is much more effective than traditional western focused marketing methods.

aumake has an extensive, established network of Daigou influencers.

Daigou translates to “buying on behalf of”. Daigou influencers are people those who purchase products overseas, for example in Australia and New Zealand, and sell them to China.

Our  growing network of 30,000+ Daigou influencers is  active across social media platforms such as:


WeChat is seen as the ‘one-stop shop’ app in China. WeChat services include chatting, shopping, banking, gaming and car services. It also allows users to share stories from their everyday lives with their followers, including photos and videos.

Companies and celebrities can create official profiles from which they can create content for promotional purposes. The app also has a Customer Relationship Management feature, allowing brands to engage with their customers directly. In addition, WeChat Advertising will enable businesses to advertise through banners on the app, moment advertising, and Key Opinion Leaders advertising.

Moment Advertising is a marketing strategy that focuses on targeting customers when they are already actively looking for products. If someone is already searching for a product similar, an advertisement will be targeted to them at this moment.

Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) advertising is essential to aumake’s strategy. KOL’s are influencers on social media apps that connect with their audience more authentically than usual digital marketing allows and by targeting a specific demographic. Often KOLs, create a loyal following with their target demographic, who trust their recommendations and consistency.


TikTok was the fastest growing app in 2020. The app allows users to post 15 second to 3-minute videos, usually shot on a mobile phone. TikTok influencers often directly address their followers in their videos and ‘review’ products whilst actively using them in their videos.

Also, the ‘For You Page’ function creates an algorithm based on the users past interaction with content, and other data that the app gathers, to display targeted videos. The format of TikTok has proven to be extremely addictive, with amateurs, professionals, and everyday relatable content seamlessly intertwined as you scroll through the feed. TikTok influencers will use your products in their videos and highlight their features in their videos. The videos provide links to online sites where the viewer can immediately buy the product.

How do we engage new social media influencers?
aumake engages new social media influences to join our sales force through two methods:

  1. Invite customers to become influencers. aumake’s existing established network of Daigou influencers promote and sell the aumake products on social media platforms.The influencers then invite their friends and followers to join the program, become influencers and promote your products. They are motivated to bring as many people as possible into the aumake program through a system of loyalty points that result in commissions. Essentially, the more sales converted from their account, and the more people they bring into the program, the higher financial compensation they will receive from aumake.
  2. Advertise on social media platforms. aumake advertises your products on social media platforms through different methods, as detailed above under the WeChat and TikTok headings.These advertisements engage new customers, which aumake then converts to registered influencers. These registered influencers receive tasks to build them up to the stage where they can grow the influencer team, as detailed in Method 1 above.

How do we engage new customers?
The specific methods for engaging new customers for your business and the selling techniques used will depend on the type of product and level of influencer.

General Influencers
General influencers will be provided with ready-to-use marketing materials by aumake. These marketing materials are created by aumake and may include scripts, photographs and videos. General influencers will share the link to your product on their social media platforms. They can also reach out to followers and friends to join the aumake program and promote your products. General influencers may be micro-influencers that target a specific demographic suited to your product.

Elite Influencers
Elite influencers have a higher number of dedicated followers. aumake will provide elite influencers with tailored services to maximise results from their content. This may include live streaming and specially designed short videos for them to post. This is in addition to continuing their general influencer tasks and continuing to use the ready-to-use marketing materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact the aumake team to learn more about our sales force and how we will leverage social media marketing to ensure your business finds success when exporting to China.